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Are you looking for a faster way to get your teeth brushed before bed every night? CLEAN4ME Toothbrush Mouthpiece is a faster, more efficient way to have your brush do all the work for you! You will no longer need to keep trying to brush for minutes and get free to brush while doing other things. It's as simple as popping the u-shaped brush in your mouth and letting it work for you. Cleaning is a breeze with just needing to rinse the antibacterial silica gel brush head in hot water. 


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About this Product: 

  • UNIQUE U-SHAPE BITE DESIGN: The CLEAN4ME U-shaped bite is designed to fit almost any mouth shape. It can clean the surface and interior of the teeth in all directions. It is made by food grade antibacterial silica gel, super waterproof, can be cleaned and reused, and can kill 99.99% of the bacteria in the mouth.
  • 360 DEGREE BRUSHING: Through ultrasonic technology, CLEAN4ME delivers enormous energy to the toothbrush head. Combined with the u-type toothbrush mouthpiece, top innovative function and unique design, it uses  only 10-15 seconds to complete a 360 degree omni-bearing brushing.
  • TOUCH SWITCH: A touch switch is located at the bottom of the toothbrush. An easy-to-use charging station gives a simple, sleek design and provides functionality.
  • EMANCIPATE YOUR HANDS: The CLEAN4ME u-type single mouthpiece design allows you to brush your teeth while liberating your hands, improving the efficiency of your life, and saving your valuable time.


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