• ATOMIUM Lubricant Additive

ATOMIUM Lubricant Additive



Would you love to have better gas mileage, more engine power, and increase your engine lifetime? Atomium is an additive to your car engine oil that lubricates the engine with fibers to keep your car running smoother and more efficiently. Atomium is the BEST kept car secret that needs to be heard!

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Main Description

  • Increases engine lifetime: Unlike regular engine oil, Atomium has fibers that stick to your engines compartments and helps to prolong its life by keeping it continuously lubricated.
  • Decreases fuel consumption: Atomium's lubrication technology reduces the friction on your engine, creating less work and more mileage efficiency for your car.
  • Decreases knocks and noises: As an engine ages and builds wear-and-tear, it starts causing noises and knocks. With Atomium, the lubrication minimizes any current noise and also prolongs it from happening, as rapidly as it normally would occur.
  • Increases engine power: The more friction an engine has, the less power it has. With Atomium, it increases the power through its lubrication process and creates less friction.


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